I know I need a new bathroom, but I’m not sure what package is best for me. I also have a budget that fits between two of your package options. What do you suggest?

Call EZ Bath Solutions at 508-799-4463 and make an appointment for us to visit your home or business. We will be able to evaluate your bathroom renovation needs based on your budget and what you are looking to accomplish. We may also have some suggestions to better improve the overall space.

After I select my EZ Bath Solution option of The Good, The Better or The Best how soon do you start and how long will my bathroom renovation take?

EZ Bath Solutions works on your schedule for a start date. Barring any unforeseen structural situations with your home or business, a complete bathroom renovation takes about one week.

I was looking at your portfolio. Are all those pictures from EZ Bath Solution jobs?

Yes. Every bathroom picture you see in the portfolio are renovation jobs performed by the EZ Bath Solutions team.

Do I need to be home during the renovation process?

Yes. We ask that a member of the household be present when we are working in your home or business.

Do you take away the old bathroom and debris?

Yes. Your old bathroom and related debris are removed throughout the renovation process.

And you handle all the permitting as well?

Yes. Inclusive of all our packages we pull the necessary Building, Electrical and Plumbing permits as part of the process.

What happens if you hit unexpected construction problems? Will my cost go up?

No. We stand behind our quoted price 100%.

What kind of payment options do you have?

We ask for one third before we start, another third halfway through the renovation and the final third at the end of the job. In addition to checks, we also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


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